Do you want to hear my coaching secrets?

I was delighted and honoured when Karen Williams of Self Discovery Coaching asked to interview me for her book "The Secrets of Successful Coaches", especially when she included me in the company of several other coaches whom I personally admire and find inspiring:

Michael Neill, Suzy Greaves, Allison Marlowe, Duncan Brodie, Steve Marriott, and Suparna Dhar.

I must have said something right, because Karen rang me again a few months later asking to record a second interview which has now become part of an 8 hour audio package available on her website …..

…. but I persuaded Karen to kindly let me have a copy of the recording to share with you here!  In this packed 2 hour interview, you will discover how I have been successfully running my business for over 20 years, hear me share my own tips for getting corporate and personal clients, and what Karen calls 'the secrets of my success' that you can apply to your own business.

Find out how you can build your reputation, use social media effectively, give yourself time for you, how to get a book published, develop your brand and much much more.  

Just press the play button below to listen to the interview now, or click to download the MP3 file (please be aware this is a large file and may take several minutes to download, depending on your internet connection)

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