Getting The Best Out of The Time You Have

Telephone HeadsetHere are five of my favourite strategies for managing unwelcome interruptions and getting the best out of the time you have:

  1. Telephone headsets allow your hands to be free to get on with other tasks. Some calls may need your undivided attention but many do not and there are ranges of headsets to choose from.
  2. It is often said that “procrastination is the thief of time” so the next time you find yourself wasting time ask yourself what would you say to a client in the same position?  Using a technique from Rational Emotive Behaviour Coaching (REBC) – just get on and “do it” – whatever the ”it” is.
  3. Allow yourself a little extra time to undertake tasks as most of us underestimate the time a task will take and then feel bad when we perceive ourselves taking longer.  This way you will feel better when you finish ahead of time and good if you finish on time due to an unforeseen delay that you had factored for.
  4. Use voicemail effectively to screen your calls and switch mobiles off.  Unless you are on call you have to learn to manage the demands made of you.  Complete your task – your messages will still be there.
  5. If someone rings you at an inconvenient time then learn to use the “I’ll ring you back” line.  It is better to tell someone you will ring him or her later than get caught up on calls when you need to be doing something else.