Effective Strategies for Effective Leaders

Leadership in the 21st Century requires individuals to be competent in far more areas than ever before. Change management, people skills, employee engagement, strategic thinking, political awareness and its management just to mention a few. As it’s always the people who make the difference and with expectations changing with each generation entering business life, effective leaders need not only to manage the business but to motivate others.

Many traditional forms of motivation such as status and money are losing their appeal while aspects such as meaning and purpose, work-life balance expectations and a need to feel connected and valued are growing. Talent Management focuses on identifying and nurturing talent for the long term benefit of the organization. Initiatives require time and investment and it is costly when such individuals move to other organizations.

There are now many accepted interventions bringing together the latest psychological and management thinking. These interventions ensure employees are engaged, supported, empowered as well as considering how organizations can design their culture, systems and processes to increase creativity and productivity.