Conclusions About CBC

lots of filesCBC can be used as a main approach to coaching an individual or as part of another approach.  A number of coaches who do not identify themselves as being cognitive behavioural use many of the skills and techniques from this approach in their work due to their effectiveness.

Some do not subscribe to the CBC approach, believing it to be too focused and directive in its nature. They believe coaching is totally reflective in nature. There is also a belief that CBC only works in relation to a psychological coaching model and cannot be applied in the business coaching arena.

For those who support CBC it is seen as a ‘life skills’ approach that can be used on its own or integrated into a range of other approaches. These individuals recognise that technical skills do not exist without a person to apply them and that, on many occasions, it is not the technical skills that an individual is lacking but the struggle with some kind of faulty thinking or perception that makes the task more onerous than it need be.